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Sustainable Model

  • Financial Responsibility - Making a profitable operation from first day of business.

  • Environmental Responsibility - Convert Agri-waste into organic mattered composts and apply composts back into farmland to improve soil health.

Option 1 - Strategic Partnership

  • To meet our sustainable model and to overcome logistic challenges, GBM is looking for strategic partnerships.  This relationship provides win-win scenario for partners and reduces potential operational risks prior to formal business engagement.

  • Ensures profitable operation from the first day of business.

  • Consulting service to other farmers without strategic partnership is also available.

Option 2 - Turnkey Solution

  • To meet our Sustainable Model, option 1 is pre-requisite for option 2.

  • This relationship includes the following:

    • Offers expertise from designing blue print of operation and building layouts, selecting equipment, installation, and the fine tuning of equipment.​

    • Save overall costs by offering experienced expertise in overall construction and installation process.

    • Offer customized, flexible and hassle-free solution based on client needs

    • Offer life time training during the various cultivation process as mushrooms are very sensitive to ever changing environment.

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