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Vision & Mission

  • Vision - To be an advocate and pioneer in the mushroom farming industry.

  • Mission - To introduce and educate health benefits of various fresh mushrooms grown year-round, and supply to local markets.


Our Story

Who We Are

Green Box Mushrooms (GBM) farm is located in Gainesville, Georgia in a 30,000 sq. ft. building and opened in June 2019.  GBM grows specialty mushrooms indoor year-round in high tech farming facility with air, temperature and humidity controlled growing rooms.  We produce hundreds of pounds of Oyster Mushrooms a day, and plan to expand to other varieties such as Lion’s Mane, Chestnut mushroom, King Trumpet, Beech Mushroom and more!   Our mushrooms are consistently top quality of fresh mushrooms.  This is a 100% sustainable farm utilizing agricultural by-product to produce fresh gourmet mushrooms and organic compost for land farmers.  Nothing going to waste!  In addition to expanding our growing capacity, we also plan to open an Education center for experimental hands-on facility to engage and teach younger generations about mushroom benefits, and utilize local waste products such as coffee grinds into our production process.

Green Box Mushroom is the only State of Art Bottle Cultivation indoor farm in the Southeastern United States.  We are capable of producing NON-GMO fresh and natural mushrooms year-round.  Unlike our competitors, our mushrooms are 100% born and raised in Gainesville, GA.

GBM has the following certifications:

USDA Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, HGAP +

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Elizabeth Moon is co-owner and President of GBM who built and operate sustainable state of art

smart bottle cultivation mushrooms farm with her husband, John.
Elizabeth has over 30 years of project managing background in IT and now 5 years into cultivating fresh mushroom farming.
As an experienced project manager to an owner, Elizabeth successfully implemented

only bottle cultivation farm East of Mississippi in Gainesville, Ga.  

Elizabeth emphases sustainable farming so that she sources local agri-waste and

convert it to natural organic matter which can be reused as natural fertilizer/soil amendment.  

Elizabeth assists small farmers to be able to grow and sell specialty mushrooms without much of overhead and minimal manual labor. 

John Moon


Farmer John is a jack of all trades.  With over 20 years of IT experience,

Farmer John has quickly transitioned to mastering mushroom cultivation techniques

and also master mechanic to high tech machineries being utilized.  

His out of the box thinking allows him to resolve many operational challenges

and enables to overcome difficulties as first-time farmer.  

Farmer John is a true "AI" of Green Box Mushrooms farm.

Publications & Awards

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